Patient NotifyTM isn't just an appointment reminder system, it's an appointment enhancement system.

The most advanced appointment reminder system that automatically tailors information by appointment type

With Patient Notify we have seen a drop in our no-show rates and have been able to decrease demands on staff... We communicate appointment specific information and link electronic screening forms within the reminder which helps increase our efficiency and allows us to have greater appointment availability.

~ Practice Manager, Mendon, NY

over 75% response rate
mobile phone

With Patient Notify not only are you reducing no-shows and filling canceled appointments, patients are better prepared for their appointments when they arrive.

Reduce No-Shows

Reminders that can be fully customized by appointment type like New Patients, including intake paperwork specific to the appointment type and screeners.

Better Appointments

Customize the messages you want patients to receive when they click Confirm or Cancel.

Improve Schedule Density

Text messages include basic appointment reminder information, but also link to appointment-specific details and information.

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